2024 Morel Foraging and Culinary Course (Okanagan)
2024 Morel Foraging and Culinary Course (Okanagan)
2024 Morel Foraging and Culinary Course (Okanagan)
2024 Morel Foraging and Culinary Course (Okanagan)
2024 Morel Foraging and Culinary Course (Okanagan)
2024 Morel Foraging and Culinary Course (Okanagan)
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2024 Morel Foraging and Culinary Course (Okanagan)

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This season we're offering a 3 days of foraging and training. Our Expert wild forage guide will help you identify True Morel in their habitats. Each day we will chef up a Gourmet lunch with the mushrooms we find. We are looking forward to an Amazing 2024 Morel Season across Southern BC! 

Wild Gourmet Mushrooms have been our passion for decades! Let us be your guide! Come experience the Canadian Outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

MORCHELLA - true morels, this distinctive fungi have a honeycomb appearance due to the network of ridges with pits composing their caps. Morels are prized by gourmet chefs, particularly in Catalan and French cuisine.

Foraging Courses Outline:

Morel Mushrooms Season June July

Our Morel Foraging course consists of a 3 days, with 5-7hours per day foraging and training.

Based on 3-5 Persons per outing

$565.00 per person.

Daily active schedule:

1st day Training on Identification,

2nd day Training on Habitat, and

3rd days training on Morchella species variations and culinary skills

Before this course is over, students should have knowledge in many different morels including conica, blondes, greys, blacks and olives.

Students will learn the importance of climate, elevation, and habit as they forage sustainably. All foraging areas are pre-season scouted for the best habitat.

While foraging morels we often find other Gourmet mushrooms. Boletes, puffball, hawks-wing, and others. These will be identified throughout the trip.

We teach students how to cook or preserve what they have foraged. 

Students may take home any morel mushrooms they forage. We provide equipment to refrigerate, dry or freeze your mushrooms.

Each day we will cook a gourmet lunch with morels. Our guide will cook these several ways, bases on our student’s interests.

Morel Mushroom are Our Pasion! We love to pass on our culinary knowledge and recipes.   

*Locations: areas across BC are arranged once springtime scouting can be done.

*Each area we forage also provide many other outdoor activities (hiking, biking, paddling, berry foraging, fishing, bird watching etc…) Your foraging Guide will have details on these activities.

*No accommodation or transportation included. Hotels and camping options will be available near foraging area.

For any additional information please Email funguy.Forage@gmail.com

Cancelations: This Course is fully refundable, 14 days before your course date. This Course dates can be changed to an available date, 7 days before your course date.

Items to bring

- Good hiking boots or rubber boots (We do find some mud)

- Mosquito repellent

- Hat for shade

- Bear spray, air-horn, or whistle

- Adequate water or water filtration filter

- Lucky items (I am superstitious)

- Snacks

- Gardening gloves (if you don't like to get your hands dirty)

- Sunscreen

- Old clothes (that can get dirty)

- Layered clothing (temperature can range)

- Wind/rain breaker

- Garmin In-reach or Phone (Guide will provide details)

We will provide you with foraging equipment

- Food grade bucket

- Knife

- Lunch each day (please let me know of any allergies)

- Equipment to preserve your morels (freeze or dry)

- Mushroom packaging